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If you are an user of IntelliJ platform' based IDEs (IDEA, PyCharm, PHPStorm, Rubymine, ...) , you'll be happy to know that we have released a plugin to integrate Clever Cloud in your IDE. The plugin provide you interactions with Clever Cloud directly from the IDE, as watching logs, cloning or deploying an application directly on Clever Cloud, ... Let see what the plugin provide to help you in your development!


To install the plugin, open the IDE and open the plugin settings: File | Settings | Plugins.

When you are in the list of plugins, click on Browse Repositories and search Clever IDEA. Select the plugin and click on the Install button.

Restart the IDE. Now, you can open an existing project or clone an application from Clever CLoud.

Clone an application

Cloning an application works exactly as with Git. When you are on the home screen, click on Check out from Version Control and select Git Clever Cloud to clone an application from one of your organizations.

The plugin will open the Clever Cloud login page. Sign in and copy/past the two tokens in the dialog opened in the IDE.

When you're logged in, the plugin will open a window, similar to git clone window, where you can select the application you want to clone. It'll clone and offer you to open a new project for the application. The plugin will then detect the application and provide integration.

Detection of Clever Cloud application

The first step is to tell to the IDE that your project is a Clever Cloud application. A Clever Cloud application mean a project with one - or more - remote pointing on Clever Cloud.

If you already deployed your application on Clever Cloud, just open the project and the plugin will automatically detect the application and show you a balloon with the list of detected applications.

Otherwise, associate the project using VCS | Clever Cloud ... | Associate witt project. A notification balloon will list the detected applications.

Access logs from the IDE

The plugin allow you to read logs from your application directly inside the IDE. A tool window is available in the bottom of the IDE when an application has been detected by the plugin.

This tool window will open one tab per application associated with the project and let you read the logs of you application(s).

Deploy on Clever Cloud

You can easily deploy directly on Clever Cloud using the VCS | Clever Cloud ... | Deploy on Clever Cloud action to directly push your application.

If you have problems or want to help us to improve the plugin, you can find the source code on Github.

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By Gauthier Pogam--Le Montagner